Midget Evaluations - No Checking

Evaluation Process

The Crowfoot Website is the only form of notification for ice times, and each player is responsible for checking the website regularly to obtain their ice times for upcoming evaluation sessions. 

Missed ice times will result in the player being ranked at the bottom of the ranking for that session.

In keeping with the dual streams for Midget hockey.

Crowfoot Hockey will have some teams in the Non-checking divisions this year. Players in the lists below will be evaluating for Midget non-checking teams. This site will be updated with evaluation groups and IDs following the final Midget checking evaluations sessions.

All Midget evaluation sessions will involve a short warm up for players and Goalies and then a full scrimmage for the duration of the ice time. Evaluators will be scoring players based on the following skills:

+ Positional Play: Forward and defense position specific skills
+ Hockey sense
+ Overall decision-making
+ Passing skills: giving and receiving
+ Shooting skill
+ Skating skill
+ Aggressiveness and effort: Fore-checking and back-checking
+ Physicality: engaging and handling body-contact (not checking), net-drive

*Please note that while scoring goals is important, it will not be a significant factor in determining a players' final mark during this evaluation.

Due to the coordination required by the Midget evaluation team to accommodate proper scrimmage group sizes and Checking/Non-checking player movement, players may be moved between groups - it is imperative that players check the website regularly to ensure that they know when their ice times are.   

Evaluation 1
Evaluation 2
Evaluation 3
Evaluation 4
Coach Pick Game