Evaluation Procedure (For U7 to U18) for 2020

Given the unique circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the evaluation process for 2020 will deviate slightly from normal years. In the U9 - U13 age divisions players will evaluate in three skills sessions prior to being put into a cohort. Once players are in a Cohort they will play one game which will help finalize player rankings for the Development Season. In the U15 and U18 age divisions players will participate in two skills sessions prior to being put into a Cohort and then will play two games to establish their final rankings for the Development Season.

This format is slightly different from years past, but final rankings will still be based on a combination of skills, hockey knowledge and playing ability. The scoring system for players remains the same from years past on a scale of 1 -7. We will tabulate scores after each evaluation and begin player movement.

Subsequent evaluation ice times and the focus of those evaluations will be posted at the Crowfoot Arena on the dressing room doors and on-line under the Evaluations (U9, U11, U13, etc.) the Crowfoot Hockey website.

It is our intent to make sure all elements of the evaluation process are as open and transparent as possible. We rely almost exclusively on evaluation scores when placing players, however, when there is a close call to be made it is at the discretion of the Vice President On-Ice after consultation with others involved in the process. In years past Crowfoot Hockey officials would be available at the arena to fully explain the process and answer questions as evaluations progress, however given the precautions we are undertaking this year we would ask that you email or call with any questions you may have about the process. The best email to contact during this period is evaluations@crowfoothockey.com. We encourage community members to ask questions rather than deal with rumours or speculation that inevitably occur when people don't fully understand the evaluation process.

The purpose of these evaluations is to place each individual into a Cohort where players have comparable talents and abilities. Once players are put into a cohort they will be ranked from top to bottom so that we can create mini-teams within the Cohort. For U9-U18 age divisions there will be three or four balanced mini-teams created for game-play during the Development Season. Mini-teams could be altered as required in order to ensure parity for the Development Season. Any changes would be at the discretion of the Vice President On-Ice in consultation with the Cohort Lead and mini-team coaches.

Please note that if a player does not attend all of the evaluations, he/she may be placed on a lower Cohort than their ability level, however in the event that your player sick in any capacity we ask that you do not attend the evaluations. If your player cannot attend please contact your Age Division Coordinator. Your player will not be penalized for missing an evaluation for an illness. Aside from injury or illness, we do ask that all hockey players make a commitment to attend all of these evaluation sessions. Parents are welcome to contact the Age Division Coordinator with questions or for information.  Please note the Coordinator will only answer questions pertaining to your child.

Evaluations are conducted using independent evaluators contracted by Crowfoot Minor Hockey. These evaluators will be instructed by Crowfoot Hockey as to what to evaluate in each session. The session scores will be tabulated by a group of Crowfoot volunteers and reviewed for accuracy. Player movement will be based on tabulated scores. At the completion of your player's four evaluations they will be placed into a Cohort and onto a mini-team. You will be able to find this information under the Evaluations tab in your respective age division.

Goalie Sessions (U11-U18): Goalie evaluation sessions will be conducted in the U11 through U18 divisions.  Emails to goalies will indicate the first goalie skill evaluation session to attend.  All other times will be provided by our Goalie Coordinator either directly or as posted on the website under Evaluations, Goalies.  Goalies receive two technical evaluations and up to two game situation evaluations.  As of 2016, the entire goalie evaluation process is conducted by a company specializing in goalie training.


U15 and U18 Pre-Evaluation Conditioning Sessions: Due to the later start of the U15 and U18 evaluations, conditioning sessions have been scheduled in September at Crowfoot Arena and Crowchild Twin Arena.  Players will be emailed these times.  No cost for these sessions.


Check-In Protocol

Player ice times will be communicated through the Crowfoot Hockey website. The names of all players have been loaded into TeamSnap in order to access the HealthCheck questionnaire.

All players are asked to check in with their availability for every ice time and complete the HealthCheck questionnaire. HealthCheck will be available for use 8 hours prior to the first ice time for your age division. Please note that your ice time is not communicated through TeamSnap during Evaluations. You must check your ice time on the Crowfoot Hockey website by searching your player's Hockey Canada Player ID#.

In the event that your player fails the HealthCheck questionnaire please do not attend the ice time. If you made an error in answering the questionnaire you must complete the HealthCheck Error Correction form https://www.hockeycalgary.ca/assets/file/Operations/covid/Health_Check_Error_Correction_Form.pdf and provide it to your Age Division Coordinator.

Pinnie tables will be set up outside of the lobby (weather permitting). Please make sure players are at the Arena and ready to go at least 15 minutes prior to their ice time in order to check-in and receive their pinnie.

Equipment, Dressing Rooms and Spectators

For all skills sessions we ask that players come fully or partially dressed. Dressing rooms and stands will be available for tying skates. Spaces have been marked throughout the arena to maintain social distancing at all times.

Once Cohorts are established players will be able to use dressing rooms to get ready for their ice times and social distancing will no longer be required for players while on the "Field of Play." Hockey Alberta, in its Return to Play document from Sept. 3, 2020, defines Field of Play as the ice, bench and dressing rooms.

Full equipment is required for all evaluations. Mouth guards are mandatory for U9 through to U18 levels.

Players are required to wear Crowfoot colored jerseys and socks to all evaluations.

Please note the Arena will be closed to all Spectators for the entirety of the evaluations process. Only evaluations-related volunteers, evaluators and Coordinators will be permitted inside the Arena. 

Read this information and check in on the Crowfoot website to find out the date and time of the next ice time. 

If you have questions, email or call your division coordinator.  

Note the following:

1 ) Crowfoot Player ID #

This will be your Hockey Canada ID # that will be provided on the email indicating your ice times.  This is the number you will use as you log on to our website  to find out when your players' next evaluation time will be and what will be evaluated at each session. It is important that you know this number and keep it confidential as it is the only way you will know the progress of your player and their specific ice times during evaluations. The Evaluation team puts in every effort to post evaluation results within 24 hours.

2) *There will not be phone call notifications done by Division Coordinators as we continue to put all important information about evaluations and player movement on our website. This means that the onus remains on players, parents and guardians to check the website and use the identification number to determine ice times for evaluations.

3)  The evaluation ice times are included in your late August email and are based on the team level played the previous season and an attempt to balance the number of skaters in each ice session. Continue to check the website as there is a possibility these may change in order to balance the number of skaters in each session.