Player Evaluation FAQ's

Evaluation FAQ’s

Updated Sept 4, 2019

This is my child’s first evaluation, what do I do when I arrive at the rink?

Once arriving at the rink please sign in at the table located in the lobby. You will be given a pinnie for your child to wear for this evaluation only. Please proceed to the dressing room and dress your child.

Will my child have the same pinnie number throughout all of the evaluations?

No. Pinnies are to be handed in at the end of each ice time. They are randomly re-assigned a new number or color for every evaluation. Please note that pinnie numbers have no bearing on where your child may be charting throughout evaluations.

Am I allowed to watch the evaluations?

Yes. Parents are allowed to view evaluations from the stands. We do not permit parents on the bench or on the catwalk upstairs. Parents are to remain respectful to every other player, parent, coach, Crowfoot volunteer and evaluator at all times. Any negative or disruptive behaviour will result in removal from evaluations and possible disciplinary action with Crowfoot Hockey.

If I have a question about my child’s evaluations who should I contact?

We ask that you email your Crowfoot Hockey Division Coordinators with any questions you may have. Coordinators are not able to discuss any scores, movement or evaluation results at any time.

How does the evaluation process work at Crowfoot Hockey?

We have posted our Evaluation Policies and Procedure manual on the website, please refer to it for any questions.

When will I know when my child’s next ice time and what group they are going to be placed in?

Once all evaluation scores have been entered and movements are made the results will be posted on the Crowfoot Hockey website. Please refer to the website for all current evaluation information.

If my child is not able to attend an evaluation what happens?

A player that misses an evaluation will be scored a zero for that session.

My child is injured and unable to evaluate. What do I do?

If your child is injured and not able to skate in a session we require a doctors note exempting them from the evaluation and stating when they are allowed to return to the ice. The evaluations team has an injured player process in place to place the player on the appropriate team. Please refer to the evaluation policy for further information on injured players.

If I disagree with where my child is charting what are my options?

If you disagree with your child’s placement you need to wait until after the 3 evaluation to send an email to your coordinators and request a formal review. The cost for a review is $100 per player.

If I pay $100 for a formal review what can I expect?

A formal review is a meeting with members of our evaluation team to discuss your child’s results. You are able to see where you child placed within their group, any movement options that occurred, and how the evaluation process lead to where your child is trending. We do not disclose any comments that evaluators have noted on your player. You are not able to see any other player’s placements or discuss any other player within the meeting.

The evaluation team will do their best within our guidelines to help you understand the process and what lead to your child’s placement.

Once my child has completed their evaluations what happens next?

Once your child has been placed on a team you will receive an email from the team’s head coach instructing you on their next practice time and other details to get the season started.