Equipment List for New Players

Equipment List for New Players

Players require full equipment,as below, and will need to bring their own jersey to wear for practices.  Timbits are given a jersey to wear throughout the year for all their ice times, but this jersey will not be available for the first few sessions.

Required equipment list:

CSA approved helmet and full-face shield

Neck guard

Shoulder pads

Elbow pads

Hockey gloves

Practice jersey as noted above

Hockey pants

Athletic cup and support

Garter belt

Hockey socks (for practice and during evaluations.  Crowfoot Hockey will supply players with game socks).

Shin pads

Hockey skates


Novice and Atom aged players now require mouth guards.

Hockey bag

Hockey tape, water bottle, skate towel


Skates should be properly fit for the player and not too big.  Improperly fitting skates are a big impediment to skating development.  Depending upon the brand of skate, due to differences in the sizing scales, it is not uncommon for a skate that is one to two sizes smaller than the players shoe size to be a proper fit (ie player normally wearing a size 13 runner may typically fit a size 11 skate).  Some extra attention during the sizing of new skates will payoff with a much more enjoyable experience for your player.  Get them sharpened and throw in an extra pair of laces just in case you break one when you tighten them up.  Bring a towel to dry off your blades after you get off ice.

Hockey Stick - write the player's name on the shaft.  Curt the shaft of your stick so that it is up to the player's mouth when standing on their tip toes (as though he/she were on skates).