Dressing Room Management

Recently, a disturbing incident with a different hockey association was reported in the media.  In light of this report, the Crowfoot Board of Directors felt it important to remind all of its members that Crowfoot Minor Hockey Association (CMHA) has zero tolerance for violence, bullying, harassment, or hazing.   As outlined in our Code of Conduct, CMHA is committed to providing an environment of safety and respect.  As such, players are expected to treat their teammates and coaches with respect and not to engage in any activities that endanger the health or safety of others.  Any violation to the CMHA code of conduct will continue to be taken very seriously and addressed swiftly by the Discipline Committee.  Coaches have been reminded of the expectation to monitor player conduct while in the dressing rooms.

During this time of public health concern, it is important to remember that hockey is a privilege.  It has been a difficult past six months for all of us.   We encourage all players, parents, and coaches to continue to be respectful of each other and the rules and policies in place.

Hockey Calgary has issued this statement on October 26th: Hockey Calgary Statement.

Let’s work together to keep a culture of safety that allows our kids to enjoy the sport they love.

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