Community Hockey

Crowfoot Hockey offers two streams for players.   Community hockey is available for players in U7 through to U18.  House League is available for players from U9 to U13. This page does not cover House League, but follow the link for more information on our House League Program.

At every age division there are new rules and formats introduced.  This page descibes some of the biggest aspects or changes involved in each of the age divisions.

U7 Community Hockey (Timbits)

U7 Hockey (previously known as Timbits)  -Where the first goal is to have fun.

The Crowfoot U7 - Timbits program is for players age 5 and 6 years old. Our program begins in September and runs until mid-March. Players will be placed on either Junior teams (new to hockey) or Senior teams (with Timbits experience or strong skating skills).

The September and early October dates will be variable. The set schedule will then be every Wednesday and every Saturday morning. Ice times rotate amongst the teams.  All ice times are held at Crowfoot Arena, 8080 John Laurie Blvd, attached to the Crowfoot YMCA. Full hockey equipment is required including a practice jersey to start the program.

The equipment list to outfit your child can be found in the Resources, Parents section on our website.

The U7   Timbits Flames Program encourages an environment in which children can learn the basic skills without the distractions that are often associated with an over emphasis on winning.

Click here for further information as presented by Hockey Calgary.

U9 Community Hockey (U9 Development League)

For players age 7 and 8, this league focuses on skill development and the fundamentals of hockey.  The purpose of this league is to address the need for more skill development in the novice age category.  Our goal is to provide a positive environment for learning the fundamentals of hockey and to stimulate interest and desire to continue playing the game of hockey.

The U9 is a league in which the associations promote coach, parent, official and player education during the season.  Each player will be evaluated fairly and placed on a team where they are best suited.  Teams are limited to when and how many games they can play.  As a result, players will practice more and play fewer games to increase their skills before playing full ice games compared to that of other age categories.

U9 are typically on ice two to three a week with a varied schedule.  Tournament play, fundraising etc are decided at the team level.

U9 games have a number of program rules and restrictions, such as:

  • 4v4 + goalie hockey
  • Blue Pucks (lightweight)
  • Smaller nets
  • Fixed 1m30s shifts
  • Half Ice Games
  • Goalie Rotation
  • Mouthguards


U9 House League - See our write up under 'Hockey Program - House League' that explains what House League entails and provides a comparison of the two streams of hockey.   Either stream is suitable for new to hockey players.

U11 Community Hockey

At U11, players begin to a play a more traditional hockey format.   Games use full-sized nets, black pucks, 5v5 hockey, and the full length of the ice.

Players (except goalies) are not yet able to declare a position.  Instead they are expected to rotate through all positions.

Goalies may choose to register as either a Hybrid Goalie or a Full-time Goalie.  Hybrid goalies must evaluate as both a player and a goalie, and are expected to play in both positions roughly half the time throughout the season depending on the access to other goalies on the team.  Full time goalies evaluate only as a goalie.  They may only play as a goalie, and may not play as a player.  For questions on which path is right for you, email our Goalie Coordinators at

Body Checking is not permitted at U11/U13.  An option to participate in body checking hockey becomes available in U15.

New for the 2022/23 season, Hockey Alberta has introduced the U11 HADP league.  For details see the Hockey Alberta U11 HADP webpage.

U13 Community Hockey

At U13, players follow a similar format to U11, except now goalies must declare as Full Time Goalies, and Players must declare either as a Forward or a Defence.  Hybrid Goalies are no longer an option.

At the U13 level and above, Hockey Canada imposes the following conditions in all co-ed team environments:

  • Females and males will change in separate rooms
  • Both genders shall congregate in one dressing room fully prepared to participate in the game/practice not more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time unless otherwise indicated (to be there earlier) by the coaching staff.
  • The lesser represented gender shall depart the dressing room not more than 15 minutes after the game/practice unless otherwise indicated (to stay longer) by the coaching staff.
  • The gender in the majority shall not begin changing, helmets, gloves and skates excepted, prior to the departure of the lesser represented gender.
  • When necessary, due to facility limitations, dressing and showering shall be done in shifts with the gender in the majority dressing and showering first. Once the room with shower facilities has been fully vacated the lesser represented gender may use the shower facilities

U15 & U18 Community Hockey

U15 and U18 follow the same rules as U13, but add an option for Body Checking.

In the U15 and U18 age categories, Hockey Calgary will operate body checking Divisions 1-3 and non-body checking Divisions 1-4.    At registration, players may indicate an interest to play on a Body Checking team, or to be excluded from Body Checking teams and participate only under Non-body Checking divisions.   Spots are limited in the Body Checking divisions and are filled based on player evaluations.   Even if you register for Body Checking, you may be assigned to a Non Body Checking team based on your evaluation performance.    Crowfoot typically offers a Checking Clinic at a low fee in the month of September to help instruct those who are new to Body Checking.