HockeyShare – Hundreds of FREE hockey drills for all levels. Paid membership also allows you to draw and create your own drills, and organize your practice plans.

Hockey Canada Drill Hub, Coaches Network 

Core Skill Development Pages – Find the Hockey Canada App here which allows FREE access to hundreds of drills for all levels as well as other coaching related


USA Hockey – Hundreds of FREE hockey drills and practice plans for various age categories. Also find a lot more useful coaching information on this useful site.

The Coaches Site – An all in one site for all levels of coaches including drills, practice plans, videos, blogs, seminars and workshops. Paid subscription is required for all access, but does have free information if linked to their social media pages.

Weiss Tech Hockey and University – Very coach oriented and easy to use. Numerous FREE drills available but also includes a lot of valuable information for season planning with a paid subscription.


Ice Hockey Systems – Numerous FREE hockey drills and practice plans for all levels of hockey.  Also includes videos, a coaches blog and other coaching information on the site.


Coach Nielson’s Ice Hockey Drills – An underrated site with numerous FREE drills along with other valuable information and coaching related links.



SerdachneyHockey – Over 75 skating and skills videos for various age and skill levels.  

How To Hockey - Coach Jeremy – Hundreds of instructional hockey videos along with great coaching information and 

Pavel Barber – Nearly 500 videos of hockey related content including information on puck handling and scoring.  A very entertaining site that provides numerous tips and ideas for having fun while instructing.    

iTrain Hockey – Great videos on skating and scoring technique.  




@TLPF_Hockey – Think Less Play Faster is a great feed relating to drills, tactics and other coaching and instructional information.