All Head Coaches and Assistant coaches.  As part of your coach application, your ability to attend the on ice coach mentoring sessions was required and considered in being chosen to lead a Crowfoot Hockey team.  A representative from every team is requested.  These sessions provide valuable insight to the reasons why certain drills are key to player development and how they contribute to player and game knowledge.  This live feedback cannot be replicated by simply sending out the PDF practice plans.  The instructors will show how these drills can be adapted for every division and level of Crowfoot Hockey.  The sessions will be conducted by Dean Seymour from Crowfoot Hockey and Corey McNabb from Hockey Canada.

Please see the following graphic for the session times throughout the season and the topics presented.

This information is also on the coach development calendar:

Finally, reminders will be sent to all roster head coaches and assistants closer to the event so that attendance is tracked (and refreshments calculated!).  All are welcome as we look to develop coaches for every division.


Dean Seymour

Director of Development