Bantam Evaluations - No Checking

Evaluation Process

In keeping with the dual streams for Bantam hockey.

Crowfoot Hockey will have x teams in the Non-checking divisions this year. Players in the lists below will be evaluating for Bantamt x-x teams. This site will be updated with evaluation groups and IDs following the final Bantam checking evaluations sessions.

All Bantam evaluation sessions will involve a short warm up for players and Goalies and then a full scrimmage for the duration of the ice time. Evaluators will be scoring players based on the following skills:

+ Positional Play: Forward and defense position specific skills
+ Hockey sense
+ Overall decision-making
+ Passing skills: giving and receiving
+ Shooting skill
+ Skating skill
+ Aggressiveness and effort: Fore-checking and back-checking
+ Physicality: engaging and handling body-contact (not checking), net-drive

*Please note that while scoring goals is important, it will not be a significant factor in determining a players' final mark during this evaluation.

Evaluation 1
Evaluation 2
Evaluation 3
Evaluation 4
Coach Pick Game