About us

Association Objectives

The Crowfoot Minor Hockey Association began its operations in 1982 representing 3 communities, 15 teams and 225 players. Crowfoot Hockey was incorporated in September 1991 under the Societies Act of Alberta as a not-for-profit organization. It is governed by its constitution and is administered by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.  Crowfoot Hockey operates under Hockey Calgary, which in turn is governed by Hockey Alberta, and finally by Hockey Canada.

Crowfoot Hockey now represents the following communities: Arbour Lake, Citadel, Dalhousie, Hamptons, Hawkwood, Ranchlands, Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge.

The objectives of Crowfoot Hockey include the following:

  • To provide and administer the Hockey Program for the involvement and enjoyment of its members and participants.
  • To encourage maximum participation in the Hockey Program by the members and their children.
  • To create a spirit of competition with a fair and equal opportunity for all to participate.
  • To encourage sportsmanship, involvement and team play.
  • To foster the proper conduct of all who participate in or are involved in the Hockey Program.
  • To effectively manage the Arena on behalf of all users.

In November 1991, Crowfoot Hockey assumed control of the Crowfoot Arena, located at 8080 John Laurie Blvd. NW, from the City of Calgary.

We thank all past and present volunteers who have built Crowfoot Hockey into the strong Association that it is.

Please forward any comments or concerns to an Executive member or Coordinator as found under "Contact Us".